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                Process Sheets for

      Horizontally Layered Colored Clay

I developed Horizontally Layered Colored Clay as a ceramic equivalent to geologic rock formation through sedimentation and disruption that can be used in making functional work.  The process sheets below were developed for the workshops I have taught.  They show, step by step through sequential images and brief descriptions, the basic process of Horizontally Layered Colored Clay as well as a number of variations.  Feel free to print any of these if that is helpful, but please don't make multiple copies or distribute them beyond your personal use.  If you find any of the sheets are unclear or confusing, please let me know so I can improve them.  They have only been used in a workshop environment where I have been available to clarify anything, so independent use will be new.  If you do find this way of working useful and meaningful for you I'd be very interested and would appreciate it if you'd send me some images of what you have done.

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