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 Geologic Forms


Functional Ware

       What's this site about?


The purpose of this site is to share photographic images, written material and process information of my work, both current and past.  It is not a vehicle for the direct sale of my work.  I do not make repeated items.  I'm a hunter, not a farmer.  The making of each piece, however humble, is approached with an open mind, and the resulting work is the result of the multiple influences, both enduring and fleeting while addressing unanswered questions.  At the same time, the underlying forms of the functional pieces are largely constant. This comes partly from the influence of a year’s production apprenticeship with Byron Temple at the beginning of my career and also from the desire that the pieces be affordable and truly functional.

I think pots need to be directly seen and felt.  Images alone are incomplete.  This, along with disliking  packing and shipping, has led me to not do online sales. I have two studio sales a year in the fall and spring and do the Clay Fest in Eugene in October and the Ceramic Showcase in Portland in May. A small selection of work is available at the Eutectic Gallery in Portland, Earthworks Gallery in Yachats, and Clay Space,in Eugene. My studio is also open by appointment.


After a 20 year ceramic career I did other things for 30 years and then unexpectedly returned to clay four years ago following a trip in Southern Utah. The initial work was directly geologic in focus. After a year this merged into functional work with geologic references and processes. All my current work is from colored clays that are layered, compressed, cut apart and rearranged much like geologic forces in nature.

The first section of this website is devoted to work from the past four years to the present. 

The second section shows work from more than 30 years ago.

Additional sections include publications, process sheets (about how current pots are made), workshop information, more about me and how to get in touch.  I welcome any responses.  Thank you.

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